Like everything else in life the world of dentistry is constantly evolving.  Many of the dental materials and techniques that were common just a few years ago can be obsolete today.  To keep abreast of these changes Dr. Wong, Dr. Fay, Norine, Lisha, and Dolly participate as students in hundreds of hours of continuing education courses every year.

In addition, Dr. Fay spends many hours each year on the other side of the podium, lecturing to groups of dentists and other dental team members all across North America.  Here at home on Maui, he is the Director of the Maui Postgraduate Dental Forum - a component of the world renowned Seattle Study Club network of clubs from around the globe.  Our club's select membership is made up of twenty-six of Maui's best dentists.  We meet 10 times per year to study together and keep current with all that is happening in dentistry.  Several times each year our club brings dental specialists and experts from the mainland to lecture to our group on a variety of different topics.