Thank you for visiting this new patient section of our website.  In this area you will find information to help you determine if we are the right dental practice for you.  Just as each patient has unique desires and expectations for their dental health, each dental practice has unique ways of operating and helping patients with their dental needs.  No one dental practice can be all things to all patients.  We would suggest first reading the What We Do section of our website which will quickly tell you if the unique services that our practice provides meet with your expectations.  If we're a match, then great.  If not, we can help you find a dental office that may better fit your needs.  Feel free to contact us.



What To Expect On Your First Visit

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In order to provide you with individualized care appropriate for you we feel it is important to spend time getting to know you and getting to understand what it is you want for your dental health.  During your initial visit there will be plenty of time for you to ask whatever questions you may have and plenty of time for you to tell us anything you feel would help us better help you with your dental health.  We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and present dentistry, your gums and the bone that hold your teeth, the muscles that move your jaws, your jaw joints, and how everything all fits together.  We may take various digital photographs of you and your teeth.  We may ask your permission to take various types of x-rays.  We may also ask your permission to make study models of your teeth and records of how they fit together.  We may also ask permission to contact your previous dentist(s) and your physician to ask them for x-rays and other relevant records.


For your initial comprehensive evaluation visit you can expect to be in our office anywhere from 1½ to 2½ hours so please make sure you allow at least that much time in your schedule. Parking can be difficult at times, so we have RESERVED PARKING for our patients.



Patient Forms

Please click on, download, & print out the below three forms, fill them out at your leisure, and bring them with you for your first appointment.  Since we feel it's important to keep your information private and secure, we ask that you bring these forms with you rather than mailing, faxing, or emailing them back to us. Click here to get all the forms.

New Patient Form


On this first form we ask for your address(es), phone number(s), and other personal information so that we may more easily contact you when needed.  There are also questions about your health, any medications you may be taking, and any allergies you may have.  Many patients are taking multiple medications so there may not be room enough on the form to list them all.  You are welcome to bring a separate page with this information, if needed.  This information becomes very important when we perform dental procedures for you.

There is also an area for information about dental insurance coverage you may have which is used to print out the appropriate insurance forms and to help you get as much coverage as possible.

10 Questions form


On this second form we ask ten questions that help us to help you determine what your dental health is at the present time and what you would like your dental health to be by becoming a patient in our practice.


Privacy Statement


This third form acknowledges that you have reviewed our "Statement of Privacy Practices."  For even more information you may review our 7 page "Complete Statement of Privacy Practices."  We will ask you to sign this acknowledgement at your first visit to comply with the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act of 1996 - i.e. HIPAA.  



For Those Patients With Dental Insurance

For your benefit we have made the decision to have no contractual obligations with any dental insurance companies or government agencies.  What this means is that in our practice YOU will decide what treatment is appropriate for you without negative interferences from outside sources such as insurance company employees or government clerks.  This is an extremely important statement because patients in most dental offices have lost that privilege.  Any dentist or dental office that signs a contract with HDS, HMSA, HDHP, or any other dental insurance company is giving that insurance company the legal right to coerce that dentist into only offering insurance company dictated dental treatment.  We feel strongly that YOU should determine what treatment is appropriate for you – not your insurance company.

Even though we do not participate with any dental insurance plans you WILL receive payment from your insurance company for dental treatment done in our practice.  The only exception to this is an HMO plan where the only way to get coverage is to go to the HMO dental clinic.  These HMO’s make up less than 1% of all insurance plans in Hawaii so that’s rarely a problem.  We are happy to print out your insurance forms and we will help you to obtain the maximum reimbursement possible from your dental insurance company.